About the Loretto Archive

Over time Loretto School and The Lorettonian Society have collected, and continue to collect, a large number of photographs, magazines, meeting notes and other items of interest.

The School and Society now work together to manage, care for and provide access to the Archive Collection which is based in the School and available for OLs, current pupils and their parents and any other interested parties to view. For an appointment, please contact society@loretto.com

The Loretto Online Archive was developed jointly by the Society and School to increase access to our collections, including historic photographs, Lorettonian Magazines and other archival records and secondary sources.

If you are interested in volunteering to help update the Loretto Online Archive, please contact society@loretto.com to find out more or get involved.

Look out for more images being added soon and new images are always welcome. If you would like to donate or loan a photograph for copying, please contact society@loretto.com.

Using Images for Publication or Display

All of the images on the website are provided in the first instance for private enjoyment, interest and study.

Images downloaded in print or digital format from the website are provided for private use only and should not be distributed, reproduced, sold or published in any format, including on other photographic websites or social media sites.

If you would like to use any images from the website in a commercial or non-commercial publication, display or exhibition, or for use on another website, please contact society@loretto.com for permission to do this. Fees may be applicable depending on the nature of the usage concerned.

Detailed terms and conditions can be found at the foot of this page.